Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Measure Storm Doors and Warranty

Welcome to Autumn!

Smell the fresh crisp air.  Marvel the beautiful new colors forming in front of you.  The cool autumn temps can bring out the weekend warrior in you.  Here are some inspirations to help you tackle that project that you put off because of the hot heat of summer.

Add extra space in your home

Enclose your deck

Car Port
Add a door to you screen room

Zip Up System in your Basemrnt

How to Measure Storm Windows:

Measuring and Ordering Storm Windows

- To determine storm window size, first measure the Width at the top, center,
and bottom.

- Then measure the Height at left, center, and right.

**Note: Sloped sills require measuring to the point where the window frame will meet
the sill, not to the outside edge of the sill. Measuring to the outside edge of the sill will
result in too large of a window. Also, for the same reason, do not use the
measurements of a wood storm window that is being replaced.

- Order the narrowest Width and Height from the above measurements.

- Specify order size (Width x Height) after rounding down to the nearest 1/8".

- When ordering uneven glass insert heights (Oriel), specify the measurement
from the top of the window to the center of the meeting rail (TCMR).

 Order one of the following manufacturing specifications:

EXACT (Tip To Tip): We will manufacture the storm window to your
exact measurements. Tip to Tip includes the fin.

BLINDSTOP (BS): If you give us an exact size of the existing window
opening, we will deduct 1/8" in Width and 1/8" in Height. This will
allow an inside mount to rest against the blindstops and on the sill.

OVERLAP: If you give us an exact size of the existing window opening, we
will add 1" to the Width and 1" to the Height. This will allow for an
outside overlap mount that mounts against the casing and on the sill.

 Indicate the type of bottom expander. Expanders provide approximately 1/2"
of adjustment. 

**The 1" expander is provided unless you specify otherwise.

No Expander: The window will be made to the size ordered above with
no expander.

1" Expander (standard): One inch will be subtracted from the window frame
height; the size of the window including the expander will match the
measurements ordered above. This will give you about 1/2" addition on height.

2" Expander: One and one-half inches will be subtracted from the window
frame height; the size of the window including the expander will
match the measurements ordered above. This will give you about 1" addition to height.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jazz up your Store Front with a Awning by Styleline

Styleline aluminum awnings project your best image - right out front! Made in the USA, these colorful, custom-fabricated marquees have been popular with architects and store-front designers in Europe for decades.
The glossy enameled exterior and all-white, reflective interior of a Styleline aluminum awning provide dramatic lighting opportunities- with spotlights above, illumination beneath.
Designed especially for use with 3M Scotchcal® and Controltac® self-adhesive graphics, signage is not only easily applied, but easy to change if a business should change hands.
Styleline's all-aluminum construction and baked-gloss-enamel surface finishes eliminate the time-consuming cleaning, repair and frequent, costly replacement usually associated with fabric awnings.
Comparable in cost to fabric, Styleline aluminum awnings last up to three times longer-without fading, fraying or showing signs of wear and tear- and, cleaning is as easy as washing a car.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Window and Door Crafts

You have left over windows and are trying to figure out what to do with them. How about some fun crafts projects for your home? Below are some great ideas and the websites that could get you inspired this weekend to spice up your home.

Here at http://www.robomargo.com You can make this cute towel holder for the bathroom.  Or, even a plate display for your living room.

Simple and creative ideas here at: 
20 Simple and Creative Ideas Of How To Reuse Old Doors

Put some fun into your windows: 

Make a Fireplace Screen: 
DIY fireplace screen

Fun Bathroom Shower Door:
Old french pocket door used instead of an expensive glass shower enclosure. Shower curtain looks like curtains.

How about a Pot Rack:

Hope this give you some great inspiration for your home this weekend.  Enjoy crafting with your old windows and doors.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tip on getting your home ready for fall

The leaves are changing, the cooler temps are moving in, and the scent of fall fills the air.  You know that winter will be here soon and you want to protect your home from the weather.  Here are a few tips on what you can do to help prevent damage during the fall and winter.

1. Darkness comes earlier in the fall and winter, make sure your flood lights and outside lighting is working properly.

2.  Maintain outside faucets, to help prevent water damage of frozen pipes.  take hose off and put in storage and winterize any water ground systems.

3.  Check your doors for cracks and air leaks.  Seal as need to prevent drafts.  Maintain storm doors and handles to make sure they are working properly for colder temperatures.

4.  Check windows and storm windows for leaks.  Caulk where needed.  This might be a time you look into getting storms for your windows.

5.  Check your heating systems and have them maintained if needed.  Winterize your air conditioners.

6.  Clean you gutters make sure clear of debris.

7.  Make a roof and chimney and repair as needed.

8.  Fill in cracks in your siding.

A quick overview of your home will make a big difference in the life of your home.
If you are of need of a storm door or storm windows please visit our website styleline.biz  for more information.