Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May is National Home Remodeling Month

     With the current economy more homeowners are opting to remodel their homes instead of moving to a different space.  This trend is growing as homeowners want to save money by investing in their present homes. The top home improvements that offer the best return on investments are:

Window/door replacements
 Room additions
Total home makeover

     Here at Styleline we can help you get the most on your return with your home remodeling.  We offer long lasting products with competitive pricing. We also have many suppliers in the Midwest that would love to help you build your dream space.

     Call us to find our where you can see our product in the Midwest at 1-888-323-0594.

     Don't just take our word for it, hear it from some of our satisfied customers:

"Just a note to say thank you for everything you did in
ordering and shipping my windows.  I want you to know that the windows and the door fit perfect.

The windows units are high quality and many of my friends have asked me for information about the windows.  I did give them your name and telephone number. 
Again, thank you for a great product."
- Larry - New York

"Don and I want you to know we appreciate everything you did for us.  You were all so very helpful in accommodating all 
of our needs including Nicky and Mike.  They are an asset to your company.  We would highly recommend your company at any time.  We get a lot of compliments and are proud of how it looks.  Don is sending pictures of our house & awnings. 
Thank you again for your very professional work and concern."
- Don & Julie - Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why do I need Building Permits?

4 Track Vinyl Slider Windows
 As the snow melts and the weather becomes warmer you start looking  at your home for improvement projects you want to tackle.  You start to make yourself a to do list.  As you are getting down on your list, you look at your home and decide that this is the year you are going to enclose that porch.  You want to start enjoying your space no matter what the weather gives you.  Your dreaming of a bug free zone, the warmth of the sun with out the side effect of a sun burn, and fresh air on those rainy days. Yes, this will be the year to bring function to your porch.

Screen Room
You called Styleline and quoted a room. You are ready to move forward with this project.  But wait! Do you need a building permit? How and where do you get a building permit? How much will it cost? And, what can happen if you do not get one?

Building codes have been around for many years, Back in Babylon they had a code that stated that if the building collapsed, the person who built it should be slain. Today's codes are a bit more complex than that.

A building permit is required to protect the health and safety of you and your community to comply with construction safety and community standards. Most states have bylaws that require homeowners and contractors to obtain permits.  Permits helps you or contractors you hire, to plan and build a long lasting and safe environment.

Permit requirements vary from state to state. The best way to find out what your state requires is to call your local governments.  If you live in a town or city the municipal governments will help you. If you live in a unincorporated area, your county government will issue you one.  The offices may be called Department of Community Development, or the Planning Department or even the Housing Permit Department. Most building permits fees are based on the size and cost of the project.  You can call your local Housing Department to find out what they would be in your area.

If you do not get a building permit for your project, the local officials may issue a "stop work order" until you get the proper permits.  If you do complete a project without a permit you could risk  having your project demolished, extra fees, or risk that you project is not safe and have to pay for repairs.

If you do your homework when it comes to your big home projects you will save yourself from stress and extra money that you were not expecting to spend.

Call us at 1-888-323-0594 for the first step of quoting you a new 3 or 4 season room.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Add Security to your home with a Styleline Storm Door

Adding a storm door to the primary door can up the level of security against break-ins.  Storm doors create a barrier between your primary door and the criminal that is intending to break into your home.   Not only will the criminals have to unlock the storm door they then have to unlock your primary door.  Most commonly burglaries occur with in 90 seconds and if a robber has to spend time unlocking two doors they are not going to stick around to enter your home to commit the burglary.
Styleline Storm Doors  are "The Right Choice" not only to protect your home against burglary but also your primary door from the elements.  Made from 6063 T5 aluminum extrusions that is made right here in the USA.  This strong aluminum is then electrostatic powder baked coated with 10 standard colors, or we can custom coat the color you prefer.  The powder coated paint finish is warranted against blistering, peeling, cracking or chipping from normal usage. The door frame 1 1/4" in thickness by 3" in width that gives you extra protection from weather and damaging debris.  We do offer 1/2" solid foam insulated core which is a benefit over wood cores that may expand and eat through the aluminum.  With standard tempered glass included, we can also offer low e for your door. We produce these doors in custom sizes of  32", 34", 36" x 80" or we can custom make the size you require, right here in Wisconsin.
Visit our website at Styleline.biz to see the different styles of doors we can produce for you or call for a quote at 1-888-323-0594.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Open Porch to Sunroom with Styleline

Enjoy outdoors without the bugs
Existing Porch into a four season room.

Got an open porch that you want to enclose? Looking to grow your living space without breaking the bank? Want to increase your home enjoyment?

Imagine sun-soaked days and moon-drenched evenings with your own Custom Styleline Patio Enclosure.

Construction takes less time than a regular addition. There is minimal disruption to your  property. And, you will be able to utilize your deck space long into the seasons. Styleline's Custom Patio Enclosure systems flow with your home's architecture. Either your a contractor or homeowner, we will help you step by step to get you in your space. We can even have it designed to install from the inside of your space. This helps installation of the room on a second story porch.

We can custom build to your specifications right here in Wisconsin and have it delivered to your door.   With high quality products we can customize your space with Riviera Slider windows or our new product the Riviera 4 track memory vinyl windows.  The Riviera 4 track memory vinyl windows are popular with enclosing that hot tub or pool, so you have year round enjoyment.

Give us a call to talk to a sales representative or find a dealer near you at 1-888-323-0594.

Riviera Sliding Windows 
Riviera 4 Track Memory Vinyl Windows

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning Check List

With the hard winter behind us we now are feeling the spring cleaning fever.  Here is a check list for you to help with maintaining the outside of your home.

1.  Make sure your windows and doors are functioning properly.

2.  Repair any screens that may have been damaged.

3.  Check your locks and hinges. Make sure they are working smoothly.

4.  Pressure wash the outside of your home and touch up any paint.

5.  Check the flashing around your window and doors make sure all gaps are filled with caulk.

6.  Clean out your gutters look for sagging and repair as needed.

7.  Remove any birds and insect nests from our exterior to prevent damage.

8.  Clean screens on roof vents.

9.  Check foundation for signs of termites.

10.  Clean your air conditioning unit and change the air filters.

If you have more handy spring cleaning tips share with us below in the comments. Happy Spring Cleaning!

To help with your cleaning, we have included a how to remove sashes for our 2 track Storm windows, see below.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Going Green with Awnings

Reduce your carbon footprint with Styleline Awnings
Saving money with the benefits of helping the environment can be achieved in one home improvement addition.... Awnings.

Awnings have been around since the Egyptian era. Egyptians used awnings as a way to keep cool on hot days and to protect the goods they are selling from the elements.  It was not til the 19th century that aluminum awnings replaced fabric awnings in colder weather climates. Aluminum awnings could stand up to the snow and heavy rains, where the fabric awnings would need more maintenance.

By decreasing the amount of heat and air conditioning you use, can reduce the overall energy in the community that is fueled by fossil fuels.  This reduces your carbon footprint and costs of heating and cooling of your home.  When it is extremely hot, the sun is heating up our homes. When it is cold, we want the sun to warm up our homes. and with extreme weather we want to protect our homes and windows.  Awnings can provide this to your home. Other benefits of awnings can be add extra room for parties outside with protection from the weather, protect your furniture and carpets from fading and shelter children and pets from direct contact of the sun.

Styleline awnings and canopies are constructed of the finest materials. Side venting allows maximum air flow. Panels are bonded together with aircraft rivets, not sheet metal screw, eliminating rattles and vibration noise.  Louvered panels let in diffused light so rooms are bright, yet furniture and carpets do not fade. They block harmful ultraviolet rays and protect and shield your home from harmful weather. Each awning is custom made to fit the exact window or door in your home. With virtually no maintenance adding comfort and elegance to your home.

Go Green with Styleline Awnings call 1-888-323-0594.