Monday, February 17, 2014

Saving Energy and costs this Winter

With the high cost of heating this winter it would be a good idea to take a look at your home to lower the costs.

1. Checking your insulation for heat loss through the ceiling and walls in your home might be lacking.  Making sure that every corner including the space above the attic door helps decrease the heat you may lose.  Pipes, duck work and chimneys have gaps that may need sealing as well.
2.  Gaps in flooring, faucets, electric outlets, door and windows will need attention.  Filling them with caulk and sealing them with the appropriate materials with ensure that less leakage of air.  Replacing your lighting with a more efficient CFL or LED will greatly reduce energy your home may be producing.
3.  Your heating and cooling systems will need to inspected yearly.  Any unit over 15 years old might need replacing to  a newer, energy efficient unit.  New filters will help the unit run more efficient, otherwise it is working harder to get the dust and dirt out of your home.

Once you complete your own DIY energy audit and you are not seeing a change you might want to consider contacting a professional to better analyze the areas of your home that you might be losing the energy.

Riviera Slider Patio Windows Built to your Specifications

Relax and enjoy extra living space, while increasing the value of your home by enclosing your existing porch or patio with the Riviera Slider. 
These windows are custom made to fit any size opening, 2 lite and 3 lite sliders are available.  They may be used as an inside storm window to reduce fuel costs or to enclose your porch or patio for additional living space. 
Be sure to check out our Patio Rooms Page, there a video will show you how these windows and our room components can create a room for all seasons.
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Stylish Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and Canopies have been around since the Egyptian era. Egyptians used them as a way to keep cool on hot days and to protect the goods they are selling from the elements.  It was not til the 19th century that aluminum replaced by fabric in colder weather climates. Aluminum awnings could stand up to the snow and heavy rains, where the fabric awnings and canopies would need more maintenance. Now days they are not just for function but for increasing the eye appeal of your home and business.  The limited plain colors are in the past, you now can create a look that fits your style of your home and business.

Jazzing up the style of your building is one benefit, but there is more.  When it is extremely hot, the sun is heating up our homes. When it is cold, we want the sun to warm up our homes. and with extreme weather we want to protect our homes and windows.  Awnings can provide this to your home. Other benefits of awnings can be add extra room for parties outside with protection from the weather, protect your furniture and carpets from fading and shelter children and pets from direct contact of the sun.

Styleline awnings and canopies are constructed of the finest materials. Side venting allows maximum air flow. Panels are bonded together with aircraft rivets, not sheet metal screw, eliminating rattles and vibration noise.  Louvered panels let in diffused light so rooms are bright, yet furniture and carpets do not fade. They block harmful ultraviolet rays and protect and shield your home from harmful weather. Each awning is custom made to fit the exact window or door in your home. With virtually no maintenance adding comfort and elegance to your home.

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