Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Entertain Spring in Your New Space!

So you got your dream new room in your home.  Now you wan to show it off.  Here is some great tips on how to entertain in you new space and make your friends enjoy it as much as you do.

First lets put some nice seating in your space. Let us now add a great flow to get every one to enjoy the space with out feeling crowded.  Put the drinks in a fun cooler in on corner of the room and the foods on the opposite corner and finger foods on side tables.  This will help keep your company from getting stuck in one spot.  Great foods to serve at home parties are finger foods like dips and chips, meatballs in barbecue, vegetable tray, cheese tray, and cupcakes.

We have got the seating and the food, now let talk music.  Have a low key music playing in the background to create the welcoming feel.  Add some fresh flowers and plants to your space to bring the outside in.  If it is a nice day open your windows and let fresh air in.

Home Parties do not have to cost a lot and be overwhelming.  When you are enjoying yourself so is your company.  Happy Entertaining!