Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prevent home Theft

No matter where you live, there is a chance that a burglary could take place in your neighborhood. The # 1 months that burglary occurs is in August and July.  Robbers generally do not like to burglarize in colder weather months except around holidays in December.  Here are some steps to take to help you prevent a burglary in your home.

1.  Lock all your windows, doors and any outside storage areas like sheds and garages.  This will help to draw attention  to a robber trying to get in your home.

2.  Install motion detector lights in areas above doors and dark spots around your house.  This helps draw attention to the person trying to get in.

3.  Landscaping around you home can help prevent robbers by making obstacles for them to navigate around.

4.  Change up your routine.  This makes it so that they can not predict when you will not be home.

5.  Destroy boxes and other materials that might advertise what you have in your home.

6.  When you are away have a neighbor or friend collect your mail and check on you home.

7.  Check out this great resource from the The National Sheriffs’ Association as they put it follow the 3 D's of  prevention.  Visit: http://www.usaonwatch.org/assets/publications/HomeSecurityBooklet.pdf

Being proactive in the prevention of theft will help protect your home and your family.  You want to be able to enjoy your home knowing that you will be safe. We hope this will help you achieve this.

Add a Storm door for extra protection to your home.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Protect yourself!

Protect your home from extreme elements with storm windows!

Every change of season we can experience a variety of extreme weather. One day it will be an ice storm or a thunderstorm, the next, extreme wind (possible tornadoes and hurricanes).

Severe storms can cause large destruction to our electric systems.  It takes a while to clear away debris and repair damage.  People could be without power for a few days. Take the necessary steps ahead of time to be prepared.

Another reason is flying objects and high winds. These conditions can be havoc on your home. Taking action now to protect your home and your family can save lives and reduce damage.

How to Prepare for Power Outage and Wind Storms

1. If power goes out you need to report it right away.  If you smell gas call your gas company immediately.  Have your power and gas company phone number available.

2. If someone in your household has to depend on a life support device have your special 24 hour hotline number ready.  Have an evacuation plan for all locations. Consider home, work, and school/daycare. Check in your area and see if you have any neighbors with special needs that may benefit from your assistance.

3. Learn how to manually open your garage door, security doors, or any electronically operated devices.

4. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

5. Keeping the refrigerator and freezer door closed helps keep your food cold. Turn off stoves. Unplug any devices.

6. Make sure your gas is filled in your car, in case you need to travel to a safer location.

7. Fill your bathtub with water and any other buckets or containers you can find.  You will need this to flush your toilets and have spare water for cleaning.

8. Get cash.  It is always good to have emergency cash available unexpected expenses.  And with the power out you might not have access to buy items with your debit card.

9. Plan your family food and lodging needs.  If you are unable to use you electric stove have a gas or charcoal grill with matches available. Plan an alternative destination if you need to evacuate your home.

10. Put together a disaster supply kit, include garbage bags, duct tape, put matches and important papers in plastic bags, disposable wipes, batteries, flashlights, battery operated radio, candles, tools, first aid kit, pet supplies, manual can opener.

11. Find a safe room in your home,  pick a room with no windows preferably a in basement.  If evacuated  because of a hurricane find a alternative location away from the storm.

12. Plan one week of  meals. In your safe room put canned food, water, paper plates, cups and silverware, and a garbage can. Put these items in totes for easy travel if evacuated.

13. Conduct a safety check of your home.  Fix any torn roof shingles.  Keep gutters clear of debris. Consider replacing windows or protecting them with storm windows to protect against flying objects. Windows should be weather tight and trimmed. Put away any lawn furniture or loose objects outside your home, like potted plants and shovels. Repair any broken fences.

Stay calm, be alert and stay up to date on weather conditions. Taking these steps helps you get peace of mind that you and your family are ready when the extreme weather hits.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Home Remodeling Month- May

Homeowners are opting to remodel their homes.  This trend is growing as homeowners want to save money by investing in their present homes. The top home improvements that offer the best return on investments are:

Window/door replacements
 Room additions
New storm windows
Patio room upgrades
Total home makeover

     Here at Styleline we can help you get the most on your return with your home remodeling.  We offer long lasting products with competitive pricing. We also have many suppliers in the Midwest that would love to help you build your dream space.

     Call us to find our where you can see our product in the Midwest at 1-888-323-0594.

     Don't just take our word for it, hear it from some of our satisfied customers:

 "easy to install, I was able to get it in within one weekend. You have a great product! Very happy"
Fred- Wisconsin

"Just a note to say thank you for everything you did in
ordering and shipping my windows.  I want you to know that the windows and the door fit perfect.

The windows units are high quality and many of my friends have asked me for information about the windows.  I did give them your name and telephone number. 
Again, thank you for a great product."
- Larry - New York

 Just a quick note to let you know that my storm windows were delivered Monday & put up on Wednesday.  I don't know really how to explain them other than they are FANTASTIC!!!!!  I was extremely pleased to see the quality of them, as was the installer.  And they really added to the look I was attempting to achieve on my home.  It even went beyond my expectations.
 Thank you so very much for all your assistance with the order.  You have been very patient, helpful & kind thru the whole process."

Friday, May 2, 2014

Patio Rooms

From screened porches and patios to fully insulated room additions, Styleline has the components and expertise to custom-fabricate functional and appealing spaces for any home. Increase home enjoyment as well as property value. The variations on our patio enclosure are as diverse as personalities. That means you can have your room built your way. It's your choice: colors, designs, size, screened-in, glass, or both!

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