Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Storm Windows Customized for You

A major design feature, of both the exterior and interior of any building.It is not always desirable to replace windows that add so much to the building style and character.

Quality storm windows blend in a way that is faithful to the original design of the building.  They do not detract from the look of the building.  They add insulation and protect the underlying sash from the harmful effects of wind and weather. Inside storms insulate but fail to protect the sash.
We customize the size of the storm window you will need for your openings. Check out the styles and colors we offer below. Call today to find a dealer near you or a free quote. 1-888-323-0594.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall Clean Up

The leaves are changing, the cooler and wetter temps are moving in, and the scent of fall fills the air.  You know that winter will be here soon and you want to protect your home from the weather.  Here are a few tips on what you can do to help prevent damage during the fall and winter.

1. Darkness comes earlier in the fall and winter, make sure your flood lights and outside lighting is working properly.

2.  Maintain outside faucets, to help prevent water damage of frozen pipes.  take hose off and put in storage and winterize any water ground systems.

3.  Check your doors for cracks and air leaks.  Seal as need to prevent drafts.  Maintain storm doors and handles to make sure they are working properly for colder temperatures.

4.  Check windows and storm windows for leaks.  Caulk where needed.  This might be a time you look into getting storms for your windows.

5.  Check your heating systems and have them maintained if needed.  Winterize your air conditioners.

6.  Clean you gutters make sure clear of debris.

7.  Make a roof and chimney and repair as needed.

8.  Fill in cracks in your siding.

A quick overview of your home will make a big difference in the life of your home.
If you are of need of a storm door or storm windows please visit our website styleline.biz  for more information.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Weekend is it for me?

DIY is trending in the home improvement industry. With the children going back to school your free times will be moved to the weekends.Television and the Internet instructs us how easy home improvement can be.  It is really so simple?  Can DIY really save you money? Can I really get it done in a weekend? These are some good questions you should be asking yourself when you take on your home improvement projects.  Investing in your home improvement is a important decision that can be rewarding or a money pit if you are not prepared or have the proper skills to do it yourself.

Here is a couple of quick questions you should ask yourself to see if you are ready to tackle a big project as home improvement.

1. Are you a hard worker that is patient and enjoys physical labor?

2. Do you have the skills and tools to complete the project?

3. Are you familiar with the city codes and building permits that are required?

4. Will you be able to get all the materials you need?  If not will your supplier deliver?

5. How long will your project take to complete?  Do you have the spare time?

6. What happens if you have a mistake, do you have the extra funds to get it fixed?

If you could answer "yes" to all these questions, you might be ready to take on you home improvement project. If  "no" was your more common answer you should consider hiring a contractor.

You have looked at your home improvement project and decided it is time to hire a contractor.  Hiring the right contractor for you can save you money, time and stress. Here is some crucial questions to ask a contractor before you hire them for your home project.

1. Do they have creditable references?

2. How long have they been in business?

3. Do they pictures of the work they have completed?

4. Do they have the proper licences for their business?

5. Will they give you a written agreement outlining what work will be done?

6. Will they give you an exact price or just an estimate?

7. Will they take care of the permits and inspections?

8. Is the work they do guaranteed?

Weather you decide do it yourself or hire a contractor, do your homework.  Be prepared, do a budget, and know the project you are going to tackle.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Screen Options for your space

1. Standard Window and Door screen

Offers good visibility
18 x 16 mesh
Offers good ventilation
Will not rust, corrode or stain
Woven from permanent glass yarn then coated with a protective vinyl.
Great screen for the midwest

2. BetterVue Screen

Improves the view excellent visibility
Improved light transmittance
Curb appeal viewing is improved
30% small openings (less insects)
Improved air flow
Great screen for coastal homes

3. Sun Screen

Reduces solar heat dissipates up to 70% of the sun's heat
Great insect screen
Less visibility
Less air flow
Great screen for sunny locations with no view

4. Pet Screen

Made from strong vinyl-coated polyester
Resists damage from pets scratching or clawing
Heavy duty insect screen
Offers OK visibility
Great screen for pet owners

5. Aluminum Screen

Protect people from insects 
Offers good ventilation
Offers good visibility
Will dent easily and not flexible
Only recommended in areas with damaging insects like grasshoppers

Being better informed about the choices you can have, will help you get the best looking and long lasting screens for your home.

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