Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finding Your Homes Original Color Scheme

With trends going toward remodeling and restoring older homes these days.  Most are asking, what was the original color scheme to my historic home?

Commercial colors were not available until the 1800's.  Many colors found around this time were made from local materials. Browns, reds, yellows and oranges. Colors coming from the earth, rocks, flowers and any organic materials in the local area.

 When researching the age of your home to the color era, you can search by the architectural trends of the american history.  Typically there are 5 eras you can reference.  We have broken down these for you below.

Colonial (mid-1600's to late 1700's)

Organic colors from the local area were used.  Colors like Burnt umber, earthy reds, and indigo were used because they were able to transfer into oil based paints.  Many new colonists arrived from Europe bringing with them styles and techniques to the east coast and gulf coast with some in the southwest, and this is where you will find the color schemes for your home if you live in these areas.

Federal (Early 1800's)

The new republic in port cities brought cream, sage, light blues, and pumpkin colors.  you will find in areas mostly in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Savannah.

Greek Revival (Mid 1800's)

30 year time period int he middle of the 1800's began and ended with public building constructions.  The color of choice was white with accents of black, gold, and sometimes dark greens.

Victorian ( Late 1800's to Early 1900's)

This is the era where wild colors became the fad.  Standardized colors have now become available thanks to the technology of adding chemicals to the earth elements to create  poly chromatic colors.  Home owners would now be able to choose the color and paint their home by themselves.  Popular colors included brick red, mulberry, mossy greens, and gingers.

Colonial Revival ( Early 1900's to Mid 1900's)

Front door ways, and multiple pane windows would be colored with taupes, grays, and medium blues. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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