1. Make to do lists to accomplish what you want to do weekly as you complete them mark them off.
2.  Clean and organize you closets and drawers if you have not used it this last year get rid of it. Have a place for all items. 
3.  Put technology away. The less time you spend online the more time you have to organize your home space.
4.  Make plans to continue to simplify your life this next month by rembering to say HOO- Handle Only Once. Put all items away in your orgainzed spot for it.
5.  Make preplanned meals. Meal planning save money and time for you to spend with your family.
6.   Have a garage sale. Make money for you and your family with all the items that is filling space in your home.
7.  Make a life binder. Orgaizing all your paperwork like birth cirtificates, passwords, titles, life insurance policies in one binder will help you and family members to find in the furture. Keep in a safe and secure area.
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