Thursday, January 2, 2014

Would you move into a smaller home?

Many are looking for ways to help with expenses. One way that has been trending is moving into a small home.  Some even to the extreme of a tiny home.  Would you? Lets look at some benefits.

Smaller homes are less in price than bigger homes. This could free up money to travel more.  Having more cash also could be less stress on you when you budget expenses.  You could even put more money in you retirement account for the future.

Less cleaning. Spending less time on your home cleaning frees up time for you to spend with you family. You also can condense you belongings so that there is less clutter in your home.

Family bonding. In a smaller space this may force your family to interact more which could bring your family closer.

Smaller home equals less utilities.  In a small space you will use less utilities. This will free up more money in your budget to save for your kids college, retirement, vacations, or even to treat yourself more with your hobbies.

Less repairs. With a smaller home you might find that you will be saving money on home repairs cause it is less space to repair and the cost of a small window or roof could be more affordable..

If you do want to add on later, you would have the funds from all the money you are saving to do so. Adding a small patio room or sun room would give you an affordable way to do so.

With these benefits, what do you think could you live in a smaller space?  Maybe, 2014 could be the year of saving more on your home and utilities for you to enjoy more leisure activities and save for your future.