Monday, March 10, 2014

No Streak Window Cleaning Methods

Washing windows can be a daunting task. With the harsh winter we are having, the salt and dirt will be piling up on your windows. To help you with this chore we have tested out some techniques that may be useful for you. Take a look and let us know what time saving methods you use in the comments below.  

In our first test we tried the store window cleaner.  As seen in the picture above after wiping down it seemed to leave streaks.  Next, we used store dish washing liquid.  The dish washing liquid left no streaks.  

We tackled glass windows, but what if you have a vinyl window? What can you use?  Extreme care must be taken when cleaning the vinyl window.  Do not use any harsh cleaners or detergents.  Bleach and formulas containing bleach should be avoided.  It is important not to use a pressure washer.  We recommend a special vinyl cleaner.  This has been specially formulated for the vinyl windows.  This cleaner can be purchased from Styleline just call 1-888-323-0594.

For best results, your windows needs to be cool before washing.  Make sure all dust and loose sand and grit has been removed from all areas of the frame.  Best way to do this is use a soft brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner.  

Give us you opinion below. Let us know what you use for effective window cleaning.