Monday, March 4, 2013

Screen Enclosures vs Big Box Screen Enclosures

Before you decide on a patio enclosure, know that every porch is unique.  We want you to choose the room that will fit your family and lifestyle.  Comparing the total costs, materials, and work associated in both choices will help you get into the space you have been dreaming of.  We have put together a comparison chart for you to make the best choice for your needs.

      Enlcosure Options

Styleline Screen Enclosure

Big Box Screen Enclosure
Aluminum roof and panels
Maintenance free
Galvanized metal with vinyl roof  may need replacing within a year from tears and shrinkage
20 year limited
1 year against normal wear and tear, no warranty against acts of nature
Aluminum Pan Roof
2 Ply Vinyl Roof
Sturdy in heavy weather
Never has to be disassembled, may add glass windows for a 4 season effect.
Has to be taken down during heavy weather
Unlimited possibilities
Limited sizes, rectangle or square option only
10 colors
3 colors

Cost (144 sq. feet room)
Aprox. list $4000.00
With labor

Aprox. list $1800.00
Self install and $400.00 + per year for replacement of roof or parts damage from weather.
Customer service
One on One design and personal service
Limited knowledge from a part time employee

At the end of the day do you want to spend your time taking down and putting up your room and replacing the roof every year? Or, would you like to enjoy time in your room and with a good book and a warm drink? The decision is yours. Dream about the unlimited possibilities.

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