Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning Check List

With the hard winter behind us we now are feeling the spring cleaning fever.  Here is a check list for you to help with maintaining the outside of your home.

1.  Make sure your windows and doors are functioning properly.

2.  Repair any screens that may have been damaged.

3.  Check your locks and hinges. Make sure they are working smoothly.

4.  Pressure wash the outside of your home and touch up any paint.

5.  Check the flashing around your window and doors make sure all gaps are filled with caulk.

6.  Clean out your gutters look for sagging and repair as needed.

7.  Remove any birds and insect nests from our exterior to prevent damage.

8.  Clean screens on roof vents.

9.  Check foundation for signs of termites.

10.  Clean your air conditioning unit and change the air filters.

If you have more handy spring cleaning tips share with us below in the comments. Happy Spring Cleaning!

To help with your cleaning, we have included a how to remove sashes for our 2 track Storm windows, see below.