Monday, April 22, 2013

Add Security to your home with a Styleline Storm Door

Adding a storm door to the primary door can up the level of security against break-ins.  Storm doors create a barrier between your primary door and the criminal that is intending to break into your home.   Not only will the criminals have to unlock the storm door they then have to unlock your primary door.  Most commonly burglaries occur with in 90 seconds and if a robber has to spend time unlocking two doors they are not going to stick around to enter your home to commit the burglary.
Styleline Storm Doors  are "The Right Choice" not only to protect your home against burglary but also your primary door from the elements.  Made from 6063 T5 aluminum extrusions that is made right here in the USA.  This strong aluminum is then electrostatic powder baked coated with 10 standard colors, or we can custom coat the color you prefer.  The powder coated paint finish is warranted against blistering, peeling, cracking or chipping from normal usage. The door frame 1 1/4" in thickness by 3" in width that gives you extra protection from weather and damaging debris.  We do offer 1/2" solid foam insulated core which is a benefit over wood cores that may expand and eat through the aluminum.  With standard tempered glass included, we can also offer low e for your door. We produce these doors in custom sizes of  32", 34", 36" x 80" or we can custom make the size you require, right here in Wisconsin.
Visit our website at to see the different styles of doors we can produce for you or call for a quote at 1-888-323-0594.