Monday, July 29, 2013

Installing Styleline Riviera 4 Track Vinyl Sliding Windows

     All Riviera V4 windows have a 7/8” flange and are designed to be fastened through this flange into a post/structure. (Self-drilling screws are supplied).

Step 1:  Remove sashes from main frame by compressing springs to the left and lift out the right side from the shallow depth frame liner. (See Photo A)

Photo A
Step 2:  Check for correct fit of window into opening. Gap should be 1/8” on each side and 1/8” at top and bottom.

Step 3:  Center and square-up window frame in opening. Fasten a screw into each top corner. (See Fig. 1)

Step 4:  Fasten a screw into each bottom corner.

Step 5:  Use shims to maintain the same window width in the middle of the vertical 
sides as the top and bottom. An hour-glass shape will make the window operate poorly.

Step 6:  Fasten the sides with screws at each meeting rail. (See Fig. 2)

Step 7:  Fasten the header & sill with a screw in the middle.

Step 8:  Insert sashes. (See Photo B) Top sash is closest to screen.

Photo B

Figure 1                                      Figure 2