Monday, August 26, 2013

Types of Glass Used in Windows

We offer a variety of styles of glass for our windows.  Many often have questions on the difference between what we offer. Below is the most common glass types we offer.

Double Strength Glass

The difference between double strength glass (1/8")  than a single pane of glass (1/16") is a thicker pane of glass that will help with noise and be a stronger glass to help with less breakage.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is toughened by a controlled chemical or thermal treatment that increases the strength of the glass.  This process allows the glass to crumble in to small pieces instead of big shards of glass. This glass is safer than single or double strength glass.

Low "E" Glass

To protect against heat and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, Adding a layer of metallic to the glass.  This layer is called “Low E”, acts like a mirror and blocks the damaging heat from the sun and blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage curtains, furniture and carpets. 

Argon Gas Glass

Twenty plus years ago they started offering the option of putting Argon gas between the two panes of glass to block the cold. The Argon Gas insulates better than air because it is heavier than air.  This option is not available in storm windows.