Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Ceiling for your basement

  • The Styleline Zip-Up System Is a great way to update the look to your basement ceiling.  The System is easy to install and easy to clean.  It is made of Poly(vinyl chloride), commonly abbreviated PVC,  It has panels that interlock with rails that attach to the ceiling. No glue needed. It sits higher that a drop ceiling giving you more head room on your basement ceiling.  Easy access to Plumbing and wiring with the pull "zip" panels. They are water and moisture resistant that will not mildew.  It cleans with a damp cloth and has a fire rating of Class-A.
  •  The Zip-Up UnderDeck System is the best way to finish off your under deck living space.  Installation is simple with only a few common tools and only has five components. This is a water tight system that effectively channels water to a gutter system and provides a flat, clean finish under the deck.  No other system offers this much functionality and beauty at such an affordable price.

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