Monday, December 9, 2013

What color you choose for your windows say about your personality.

Our homes sometimes are the key to our personalities.  Picking colors for your home can represent they type of personality that you may be.  Find out what your color choice may say about you.

You like to be logical and like organization.  White is a symbol for purity and simplicity.  Your home and home life may not have a great deal of clutter.

Artistic and like to give the appearance of mystery.  Like to be dignified with out being to flashy. Your home is and home life you do not like to share easily with others.

Love life and live it to the fullest. Red is the color of strength, health , and vitality.  Quick to judge others, and want everything out of life.  You can be optimistic and do not do well with monotony. Your home and home life is open with a zest for life.

Harmony and reliability are in your nature. Caring ,compassionate, and patient. Your home and home life are faithful, charming, clean and tidy.  

Green is a symbol for hope and peace.  You tend to be frank, social able, and worry about what others think of you.  Your home and home life is modest, refined, and always try to keep up with your next door neighbors.

Your a great friend and patience.  You love with all your heart and are reliable and dependable.  You home and home life are not flashy and but stable, always have a open door for family and friends.

The color of compromise. You love to work with out reward and have great business sense.  Your home and home life are stable but do not share to much, but withdrawal within yourself.

Your colorful and have a great imagination. Good in business and have a great sense of humor.  Your home and home life is adventurous, open, and every detail has been selected with a meaning or story to your life.