Monday, August 4, 2014

Screen Options for your space

1. Standard Window and Door screen

Offers good visibility
18 x 16 mesh
Offers good ventilation
Will not rust, corrode or stain
Woven from permanent glass yarn then coated with a protective vinyl.
Great screen for the midwest

2. BetterVue Screen

Improves the view excellent visibility
Improved light transmittance
Curb appeal viewing is improved
30% small openings (less insects)
Improved air flow
Great screen for coastal homes

3. Sun Screen

Reduces solar heat dissipates up to 70% of the sun's heat
Great insect screen
Less visibility
Less air flow
Great screen for sunny locations with no view

4. Pet Screen

Made from strong vinyl-coated polyester
Resists damage from pets scratching or clawing
Heavy duty insect screen
Offers OK visibility
Great screen for pet owners

5. Aluminum Screen

Protect people from insects 
Offers good ventilation
Offers good visibility
Will dent easily and not flexible
Only recommended in areas with damaging insects like grasshoppers

Being better informed about the choices you can have, will help you get the best looking and long lasting screens for your home.

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